Cedric Price with David Mikhail and Gregory Cowan in Grožnjan 1990

GROŽNJAN 2049 - the Time Capsule

August 1st to 10th 2019 in JMC Cultural Centre Grožnjan

Thirty years ago we geathered there for the first time around the topic Back to the Future, celebrating 80th anniversary of the Futurist manifesto.

The following year Cedric Price and Nigel Whiteley gave the crucial and very specific aroma to the summer school which succeded to last untill today.

Generally, all these years we were dealing with the Theory and Design in the Third Machine Age, particularities of the transition from the Mechanical epoch into the Digital.

This year's session will be less students' workshop, but more summit of professors and experts from all over the world who will analyse the state of the architectural practice of today in order to give their specifications and guidelines for the next 30 years.

Participants will matarialise these visions into the compendium of ideas and messages, kind of Time Capsule which will be revealed publicly in the year 2049.

Among the invited are Yui & Takaharu Tezuka and Momoyo Kaijima & Yoshiharu Tsukamoto from Tokio Japan, Evgenij Asse from Moscow Russia, Roger Riewe from Graz and Anna Popelka from Vienna Austria, James Njoo from Paris France, David Mikhail from London Brexit, Eva Alvarez & Carlos Gomez from Valencia Spain, Małgorzata Kądziela & Katarzyna Ujma-Wąsowicz from Katowice Poland, Vladimir Deskov from Skopje Macedonia, Antonino Saggio from Rome Italy, Vinko Penezić & Krešimir Rogina from Zagreb Croatia, and some others.

Be part of this wonderful celebration of architecture, summer and friendship in the exceptional atmosphere of Grožnjan and Istria in total - JOIN US!

Krešimir Rogina