Grožnjan summer 1990: a hilltop artist colony in former Yugoslavia is the setting for the 2nd International Symposium for Theory and Design in the Third Machine Age. The young architectural historian of Pop culture, Nigel Whiteley, and the legendary architect of the Fun Palace, Cedric Price, engage participants in an unforgettable edu-taining week of “Work Games (without frontiers)”.

The foundations of the Groznjan Summer School were thus laid with a unique blend of critical profundity, casual wit and experimental playfulness. Price, who was more of an invisible pacemaker than a showy celebrity, characterised it, “uncertainty and delight in the unknown”, while a cocky Whitely chided, “Oh my God, he’s a caricature of his own self !” This playful bantering gradually instilled – and non-aggressively – a kind of family energy amongst the participants who were unaware just how historic this event was to become. Cheers dear archi-Churchill/Hitchcock, we shall empty the local Cynar stock in your honour on August the 10th! As usual ...