Groznjan Summer School of Architecture

August 5-13 2023



The workshop is going to be held in the breathtaking, beautiful, heritage town of Grožnjan, Croatia. The diameter of this town is less than 300 meters, and sits on top of the hill surrounded by a historic city wall. Everything inside the city's walls is within a few minutes walking distance. There are no cars within the city walls. With cloudy weather, the town will appear to be floating, like an island surrounded by a sea of white clouds, hiding the landscape below. The town is made entirely out of stone, the material most prevalent during the Middle Ages. These stones hold artifacts to the town's history and can be found within its historic walls, floors and pavement. These stones are timeless to the history of Grožnjan's architecture. Modern technology has no place, or meaning in the existence of this town and its inhabitants. Throughout this workshop, the participants and professors will have the privilege to think about Grožnjan’s possible future while staying in its historical buildings.

Takaharu Tezuka